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Our Philosophy at The Lab School

Our Mission

Our founders recognized the unique gifts and worth of children.  It is the mission of The Lab School to provide developmentally appropriate  nurture, care and education of young children and their families, and to equip individuals to engage in appropriate interactions with young children.

Statement on Peace and Justice

We believe that the values of peace and justice should be nurtured in young children. These concepts and skills are essential for the nurturing of peacemakers and advocates for justice and are the framework for the development of the curriculum and for the formation of policies concerning discipline, conflict, toys and guns. We believe that young children need a strong foundation upon which to build lives committed to peace and justice. We believe this foundation includes promoting self esteem, fostering a variety of diverse social relationships, and guiding children toward independence and self discipline. We are committed to a partnership with parents to assist them in the task of parenting peacefully.

Statement of Values and Beliefs

We believe that each person, regardless of race, religion, gender or abilities, is unique and special person, uniquely gifted with talents and abilities and worthy of love and respect. We have been entrusted with a mission which offers hope, healing, and love.

As a laboratory school, we are committed to model excellent education and care for young children, and to create opportunities within such modeling for interpretation, practice, demonstration, and research.

We affirm that parents are the primary educators and caregivers of their children. We are committed to partnership with parents in nurturing their children as whole persons who are joyful, life giving, and responsible members of the community.

We affirm that children are worthy, whole human beings who are valued members of a community. We celebrate their sense of wonder and discovery, their playfulness, their ability to become fully absorbed in activities and in relationships and the courage which they demonstrate as they work to expand their world.

As an educational community, we seek to provide a context of life and learning in which children are nurtured in their mental, physical, emotional, and social growth. We strive to create an environment filled with opportunities for learning in many ways, but especially in caring for and about others, and in knowing how to put that caring into practice to create an atmosphere resembling an extended but loving family where learning and caring become a way of life.



As an educational community, we seek to provide a context of life and learning in which children are nurtured in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. 








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